Do You Have a Gambling Problem?

Gambling can be a fun recreational activity. How do you know when your gambling has reached the point of abuse or addiction? I have seen many people in my therapy practice whose gambling has become a problem for themselves or their families, and there are many more people out there who do not reach out for help. Gambling problems can cause huge financial concerns, divorce, job loss and criminal activity. Gamblers may feel ashamed of their actions or feel like there is nothing wrong with their gambling habit. It’s important to recognize the signs of potential concern in yourself and others. For most people, gambling is not a problem, but for a few gamblers, it leads to more and more gambling and problems in relationships. Here are some signs that gambling may be a problem for you or a loved one:1. Do you need to gamble more and more?
2. Do you “chase your losses”? Meaning if you lose, you go gamble to try and get the money back that you lost?
3. Does your gambling cause financial hardship? Do you gamble more money than you can afford to lose?
4. Has your gambling hurt any relationships?
5. Do you find yourself thinking about gambling more and more? Are you preoccupied with when you can gamble again?If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may have a gambling problem. There is help available! I have seen many people turn their financial and home lives around for the better by seeking help for their gambling. One of the best resources is gamblers anonymous. Also seeking the help of a counselor who has experience with gambling problems is a great start. If your loved one will not go to gamblers anonymous or counseling, it can still be very beneficial for you to go to get support for yourself.

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